I.M.P.A.C.T. Co-op A community of homeschooling families Dedicated to making wonderful memories for our children Offering fun classes, field trips, holiday parties, and more! Reaching new heights together! Come explore with us!


“It’s our first-year homeschooling but we already can’t imagine our homeschooling journey now without the friends and support we have gained through IMPACT. The board is organized, friendly, and professional. The classes are fun and educational. I love that my kids are part of a community where they feel welcome, accepted and loved!”

Loni H.- Joined in 2019

“We have been with IMPACT for three years. My children look forward to it every week. They have made great friends and have loved so many of their classes. Co-op has blessed me too! I have met so many wonderful homeschool families whose own experiences have helped me on my homeschooling journey.”

Teresa W.- Joined in 2016

“I just finished my first semester with IMPACT and couldn’t be more impressed! The board, teachers, and volunteers all give such great effort and create an amazing resource that is a perfect supplement to how I homeschool. My kids love the classes and making “school friends” as well. I’m so thankful for IMPACT!”

Miriam M.- Joined in 2019

“Our family has been attending IMPACT for 6 years! It has been a wonderful place of learning and friendship for my children and I. I have enjoyed teaching a myriad of different classes and my kids have enjoyed taking core along with elective type classes. We look forward to each co-op session starting up again and seeing our friends!”

Danna M. H.- Joined in 2013

“My name is Lindsay and I have been with IMPACT Co-op for three years. I have a son who is 12 now, a daughter who is 9. They have been in so many fun, and educational classes at IMPACT Co-op, including a puppet class, Lego Building class, cooking, geometry, physics, and art. I myself have taught an origami, and States and Crafts class with 6 to 10-year-old children. It’s fun to meet other moms, and have the children get together with their friends once a week when you homeschool! We love IMPACT!”

Lindsay M.- Joined in 2015

“We are new to IMPACT (we started in 2019). My kids 6 and 7 have not only loved making friends but have really loved going to their classes and learning from great teachers that aren’t me. Hahaha! I really enjoyed teaching, and the board is so amazing at making everything run so smoothly. Everything was handled so professionally, you wouldn’t believe that those mamas are only volunteers! I’m really thankful that my kids have made friends with other awesome families! I’m so thankful to have found a group of people that I will be happy to have my kids grow up with. Community is so important for me to give my kids, and I’ve found a genuine place for that. Looking forward to next session!”

Nicolette P.- Joined 2019