Teach at IMPACT

Teaching at IMPACT is fun and rewarding whether you are a parent or a contracted teacher. The benefits are well worth the time and energy it takes to become a part of our homeschool co-op! Parent teachers are parents who have a child or children who are currently attending co-op. Parents may not be considered "contract" unless prior approval is made by the board (this is only in extreme circumstances). Contract teachers are teachers whom which come to our co-op specifically to teach classes and typically run a business. Contracted teachers do not have children who attend IMPACT.

Teacher Commitment

  • Session Commitment:Every teacher must commit to the entire session. Our sessions typically run for 10-12 weeks. If there is a specific week you are not going to be available, prior arrangements must be made. (see below)
  • Teacher Meeting:  A mandatory teacher meeting is held the week before the start of each session.
  • Teacher Expectations

  • Supervised Children: Teachers are not to leave any child unattended in a classroom. If at any time you do not have a parent volunteer and to step away, please ask for an adult from the closest classroom to oversee your class.
  • Dress Code for Teachers: Teachers are expected to follow the same dress code as our children and families.
  • Cleaning up the Classroom: As a teacher we ask that you try to clean up as you go throughout your class, if your class has extra time at the end we ask that you take care of the chairs, garbage and wipe down the tables. This enables our Clean-up Crew to finish earlier.
  • Fire Drills:When a fire alarm is triggered teacher are to have students line up by the door, followed by the volunteers. The teacher is required to lead the children to the parking lot through the nearest exit. Teachers are to take roll and alert the board if any child is unaccounted for.
  • Teacher communication with Parents: Teachers need to email their student's parents any information or announcements for their class. These email addresses will be provided on your class roster.
  • Visitors and Extracurricular Activities: Please notify the Board of any visitors or extracurricular activities, including field trips, performances, and holiday activities. Please note: IMPACT will not coordinate any off site field trips, performances, etc.
  • Attendance and Class Admittance: The first two weeks of class you will receive a tentative class roster. Please set aside time to take attendance and verify the class roster provided to you. Your class size on the third week will determine your final class contracted rate, so please report any discrepancies to the director, as soon as they are detected. No child is to be admitted or switched from one class to another, or given verbal approval regarding admittance into your class without prior approval from our director.
  • Restroom Breaks and Release of Students: Children are permitted to use the restroom or drinking fountain at the teacher's discretion. Please remember no adult is allowed to be go in the restroom with a child alone (unless it is their own child). At the end of your class hour, please do not release the children out early. Use this time to clean up the classroom as much as possible.
  • Discipline and Sick Policy: If a student is sick, or out of line and will not respond to the direction of the instructor please send the student with a parent volunteer to see an available Board Member. The matter will be addressed with the parent immediately and a decision will be made regarding the student’s return to class. If there is not a parent volunteer available to act as an escort, please seek help from an adjacent classroom. Please ensure your classroom always has an adult present.

  • Parent Teachers

    Our co-op cannot properly run without parent teachers. Parent teachers typically teach classes that cost less than our contracted classes, giving our families a wide range of class choices based on their own personal budgets. Being a parent teacher enables you to connect with the kids on a different level and allows you to make amazing connections with the families of our co-op.

    Parent Teacher Commitment

  • Attendance for Teachers: The co-op depends on our teachers to teach their class, while we understand that children get sick and unexpected things happen we ask that our teachers make every effort possible to attend their scheduled class. If that is not possible, teachers are expected to contact our Teacher Support Coordinator as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made for your class.
  • Volunteer Hours as a Teacher: As a teacher, the hour you are teaching applies to your volunteer hours. If you have 3 or more children, you will be asked to volunteer in another classroom for one hour. Please be aware that on days that we are missing families, we may need to have you cover missing volunteer hours.
  • Clean-up Crew as a Teacher: Since our teachers already do so much, we only ask that they clean up 2 weeks out of the entire session. You can sign up with our Facilities Coordinator at the teacher meeting.
  • Parent Teacher Perks

  • Priority Registration: Priority registration allows our instructor’s children preferred placement in classes. You must register during priority registration or you will lose the preferred placement benefit and your registration will be processed in the order it is received.
  • Teacher Discount on non-contracted classes: You will also receive a teacher discount of $10 off all non-contracted classes on your child’s classes (there is no discount on contracted classes). Teacher discounts are calculated on the invoice you receive during our parent teacher meeting.
  • Teacher Discount on taught classes: As a parent teacher, you will only be charged $7 when you enroll your child in your own class.
    Please keep the following in mind:
  • You must still register your child so we can plan the appropriate room set up.
  • The class being taught must be age appropriate for your child.
  • Your budget will be based on the number of students in your class not including your own child.
  • All children must be registered in an age-appropriate class during the hour that you are teaching.
  • If you exceed your budget during the session, you will be responsible for your child's supply cost.
  • Parent Teacher Class Budgets & Reimbursement

    (Download: Expense Reimbursement Form)
  • Determining Your Class Cost: Before submitting a request to teach it is imperative that you price out the materials and items you will need for the entire session. Once you have that dollar amount you are able to divide it by the number of students expected in your class. This will give you a good estimate for your class cost (Be aware that we will add $7 to your class cost for co-op fees).
  • Reimbursement with Receipt: Due to our non-profit status, IMPACT will only reimburse you for expenses incurred with a receipt or other approved documentation. 
  • Reimbursable Items: Items submitted for reimbursement must be required for your curriculum. Any single item over $30 must be approved ahead of time by the Treasurer.
  • Supply Budgets: Budgets for your classes are established by you and the Registrar and approved by our Program Director. IMPACT will reimburse you for expenses up to this amount. If you are unsure of your expense limit, please speak to our Treasurer before making your purchase.
  • Budget Per Student: The cost of each class is the per student amount you put on your teacher request plus $7 to cover IMPACT operating expenses.
  • Reimbursement Periods: Receipts will be reimbursed twice a session. Your receipts MUST be submitted no later than the 5th week for a mid session (6th week) reimbursement and again by the 10th week for final reimbursement (11th week) using the Receipt Reimbursement Form available at the information table or on the IMPACT website. * Please note any receipts not submitted by the 10th week may not be reimbursed. If you have a large expense and need immediate reimbursement, please speak with the Treasurer. Please fill out the reimbursement sheet per instructions listed on the sheet to avoid delay of payment to the next scheduled reimbursement date.
  • Expenses After the 10th week: Any expenses anticipated after the 10th week MUST be approved prior to incurring said expenses. Again, reimbursement will be given only on receipts turned in by the 10th week unless prior approval is received. We are only able to reimburse for expenses from the current session.
  • Photocopies: Submit your receipt for any copies made at a local copy store and the full amount will be deducted from your class supply budget. If you use your own copier, we will reimburse you 5 cents for black and 34 cents for color. We will not reimburse for printing cartridges.

  • Contracted Teachers

    Contracted teachers allow our families to participate in activities they otherwise would not be able too. Connecting with homeschooling families is an experience that most contracted teachers enjoy. The dynamic at our co-op is amazing and welcoming. Best of all, our students want to learn and want to take your class.

    Contracted Teacher Commitment

  • Attendance for Contracted Teachers: If a contracted teacher will be absent for any reason, it is their responsibility to provide a substitute teacher. Please contact our Teacher Support coordinator, to let her know who will be coming in your place. If you cannot find a replacement, please let us know as soon as possible. If we have to find a substitute, you will not be compensated for the missed week.
  • Contracted Teacher Perks

  • Wide Audience: Connecting with a co-op allows you to reach out to an audience that may otherwise be overlooked by our contracted teachers. Often, our contracted teachers find long term customers after teaching at our co-op.
  • Off-Hours: Our weekly classes are taught during most off hours for contracted teachers as most kids are attending public school during that time.
  • Free Advertisement: As a contracted teacher we welcome your advertisements for classes or upcoming camps. We also will showcase you on our Facebook Group and/or Website.
  • Contracted Teacher Financial Information

  • Invoicing: An official invoice must be submitted to our Treasurer no later than the fifth week of the session. On your invoice, please include the following: Business Name, Phone number, Address, Class Name, Name of Instructor, Per Student Fee, Current Student Count, Whom check should be made payable and payment address.
  • If you are teaching multiple classes, we will need an invoice for each class for tax purposes.
  • The agreed upon fee will be paid to you in two installments. The first payment will be made to you on the sixth week of co-op with the balance paid in full by the last week.

  • Register to Teach

    If you have any extra questions please contact our teacher coordinator. Please know that although we try our best to include all teach requests, it is not always possible and our board works hard each session to provide the best schedule for our families based on need.

    Register to Teach

    Teacher FAQ

    First and foremost, you get priority teacher registration. You are able to register before the general public. You also get $10 per student, per hour discounts for classes. Instead of cleaning 4 weeks, you only clean up for 2. You also get to set your classroom budget and you get the say on how big your class is.
    No. We do not pay our parent teachers for teaching.
    No. You will have to do it at your earliest convience or have a friend do it for you.
    It's not simple, but it can be. You need to figure out how much it will cost for one student to take your class for the entire session. At that point, we just multiply that number by the number of students you have enrolled. You can keep this in mind when setting your minimum required students.
    Yes. You will be required to find a substitute for your class that week. Parent teachers are able to recruit from a parent volunteer to teach, as needed.
    We do not recommend that parent teachers teach for more than one or two hours. However, contracted teachers are encouraged, if the need is there.
    Yes, if your child is not a distraction (ie, toddler etc.) and is able to sit quietly during your class hour they are welcome to be in the room with you.
    Yes. Parent teachers are REQUIRED to attend the mandatory meeting every session. If an exception needs to be made you need to contact the director directly.
    Yes! Keep in mind, that we fill our class schedule based on need and what we are looking for. It is always best to talk with our teacher coordinator to find out what we are looking for each session.
    All unspent monies each session is placed into a fund for scholarships and a benevolent fund that we give to the church for being so generous to offer this amazing space to us.
    Absolutely! We do ask that any religion references/ideas that are used in classes be listed on the class description to be respectful to all of our families.
     No. To be fair to all families, your child may not enroll and participate in a class that is outside of the age range of that child.
    Maybe. It depends on how many children you have enrolled and what our needs are each session. We try to place parent teachers last on the volunteer list. If you'd like to volunteer even though you are teaching, please let our volunteer coordinator know at the mandatory meeting.
    Yes. Teachers are required to cleanup for at least 2 weeks of cleanup.
    All classes that may use any materials that are a top allergen should be disclosed on the class description. If it was not included on the class description, parents must be contacted 24 hours PRIOR to the class in which these materials will be used.
    Absolutely! If you plan to be absent more than a couple times or would just like a helping hand you should team up with another parent to teach. Teacher discounts will be split among both teachers ($10 discount per student would be $5 discount instead).
    When your child is sick you need to contact your parent helper as soon as possible to see if they are able to substitute for you. If this is not possible and you are unable to find another person to fill in, please contact the teacher coordinator or director as soon as possible. Posting on Facebook or calling/texting any person other than the teacher coordinator is not acceptable and may disrupt that days classes.

    Ideas for Classes

    Sometimes parents want to teach but just aren’t sure where to start. We have listed some ideas to help get you started. There are so many resources online so find what interests you and see what you can come up with! Classes for the older kids (13+) are always in high demand!

    Other Ideas

    Bible & Religion, American Girl, Little House, Dr. Who etc., Lego Builders Club, Knex, Paper Dolls, Board Games

    Dance, Music & Theater

    Lessons in Voice, Instrument Lessons, Music Appreciation, Tap Dancing, Ballet, Hip Hop, Theater, Improv, make believe, etc.

    Arts & Crafts

    Seasonal or just for fun Art, Fine, Exploration, Drawing, Painting, Crafting, Educational Art, Scrapbooking, Sand Art, Photography, Filmography

    Job Skills

    Babysitter Certification, Career Exploration, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, Drafting, Keyboarding, Public speaking

    Life Skills

    Cooking, baking, cake decorating, Sewing, Knitting, Embroidering, First Aide, Survival, Personal Finance, Study Skills, Test Prep, Beginner to Advanced Language (Spanish, German, French, ASL), Health, Sports & Fitness

    Core Subjects

    Language Arts: Phonics, IEW, Creative Writing, Reading, Math: Fun with Math, Algebra, Fractions etc., History: Time period or subject specific, Science: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Astronomy, Geography: State, maps, world

    Contracted Teachers


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    Titus 2:7-8

    In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you will be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us.