There is no fee for joining IMPACT, however; on top of the cost of individual classes all families are are required to pay $35 per year to cover the cost of the liability insurance that the co-op carries.


  • Families are not required to take both Fall and Spring session classes and children are welcome to take one, two or three class hours per session. There is no make-up policy or monetary refund for missed classes and families are required to inform the board if they will be out for any given reason.
  • In the event of a planned absence, please give us at least a week’s notice so we can find a replacement. Should an unplanned absence arise, such as a sick child or family emergency, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, as soon as possible to let us know you won’t be attending.


As a co-op every family is required to participate each week, either by teaching a class or volunteering in a classroom. During the parent meeting, you will be given your volunteer assignment. We try to observe any preferences you may have indicated during registration; however we cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice. Please direct any questions regarding volunteer hours to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Classroom Volunteer Expectations

As a a classroom volunteer, you are expected to do the following:

  • Arrive at your classroom five minutes early
  • Be prepared to help the teacher in any way that they need
  • Stay in your classroom until your class time is over
  • If the teacher does not need you, please report to our volunteer coordinator.
  • Please do not use your cell phone during class time
  • Be productive and help clean up
  • Be engaged with the students
  • If you will be absent, please contact our volunteer coordinator

Clean-up Crew

All families will be required to help clean up for 4 weeks out of the session. This typically takes 30 minutes following the third hour.

  • If you are unable to complete your scheduled week to clean up, you will be rescheduled for another time. Please contact the Facilities Coordinator immediately if you will be absent.
  • On the day of your scheduled clean up, you will be given your assignment for that day. After completing your tasks, please check back in with the Facilities Coordinator before leaving. There are some days that we may be short on people and we might require you to do more than your assigned area.

Leaving the Property

Parents must remain on property while their child(ren) attend classes.

  • If you have to leave the property for any reason and plan on leaving your children, you must complete our Hold Harmless Agreement and have a responsible parent to be responsible for your child(ren).
  • If you have a child between the ages of 14-18, you may complete a one time hold harmless agreement and turn it into the Board per session.
  • Under no circumstances may infants be left in the nursery or preschool area when you are
    out of the building.

Class Registration

  • Individual classes have fees based on the materials needed to teach the class or the contracted amount agreed upon with the instructor. The cost of the class includes a $7 fee which helps cover the costs of running the co-op — copies, web fees, church donation, scholarships, etc.
  • Volunteer hours are required for every parent in order to participate in this co-op. The number of classes your children participate in will determine the number of volunteer hours assigned. During your volunteer hours, you may not have any of your children with you, if they are not officially registered in the class. Exceptions will be made for young infants who are in a child carrier and are not disruptive to the class.
  • Please understand due to class maximums, preschool spots are reserved for teachers and families with older children enrolled in the co-op. We will accomodate preschool-only families on a first come basis as spots are available.