Ready to join IMPACT?

Joining a co-op can be inspirational, exciting and fun. It can also be overwhelming and time consuming. Before making a decision to join one of our sessions we urge you to please look through the website and understand the commitment and what is required of your family each session.

✔   I have read and agree to the terms listed in the IMPACT Handbook
✔   I understand that my family will be required to follow the IMPACT policies at all times.
✔   I understand that I will be required to volunteer each week.
   I agree to helping the clean-up crew 4 times per session.
✔   I understand that I may not leave my child during co-op without an approved hold harmless agreement.
   I understand that I will need to register my child(ren) for classes and pay the tuition in full by the parent meeting held the week prior to the first week of classes.

Register Family